London’s reputation as a city of global prominence doesn’t usually include romance. However, in recent years visitors have been discovering a city that can offer as much atmosphere and charm as young couples are willing to find under its many layers. Here is a guide on how to get the most out of a romantic day in London.

london romantic day

Start with a relaxing brunch either in your hotel in London or one of the many riverside cafes. Making the most of your day in London does not necessarily mean an early start, joining the miserable masses on the daily commute through the city’s transport system is neither romantic nor enjoyable. Wait for the business day to be well underway before heading out with a spring in your step.

London has a wealth of places in which to treat yourself shopping. Spending some time pampering each other with visits to some top boutique stores will set the mood for the rest of the day and ensure that you can look your best. It may sound materialistic but it’s a great way of bringing couples together on the special day so just go for it.

Take a stroll in Hyde Park to blow away the cobwebs. It will be slightly chilly in February but that is just more reason to cling on to each other. You could even take to the water and hire a boat on the Serpentine. This is an unusual but fun way to spend an hour or two, you can even take it in turns with one rowing the boat while the other watches in amusement. If that isn’t your thing, there is a rose garden for more traditional Valentine’s Day fare.

The London Eye offers a service year round where couples can take a private ride in their own capsule up over the rooftops of the city with glasses of champagne provided. This is best experienced just as the sun sets in a cloudless sky but it can be difficult to predict the weather. You can either book ahead or take your chance on the day, but be aware that the limited availability on the 14 February itself gets reserved months in advance.

Experiencing one of the theatrical delights London has to offer is a great thing for couples to do together. Do some research in advance to find something that you both like, or treat your partner to a special evening. Be careful about taking advantage of special offers when you’re booking for Valentine’s Day, sitting at the very back of a theatre with a crooked neck is not a romantic way to spend the evening. Take the hit and buy the expensive tickets, that way you can guarantee a good view and an excellent evening.

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